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I Might Be A Cynic…

Taglines. I have used many. ‘Thoughts from the front’, ‘luniacal ramblings of a sane mind’, ‘weird is as weird does’, ‘or… something like that’.. just to name a few. Name? Say? Phrase? I don’t know.. whatever. Oh, look there’s another. Whatever.

Most of those are self-serving, or a way to present myself to the world in order to keep them at bay, safely away from what truly lies behind the mask. Very akin to the wizard in Oz, tucked back behind the curtain.

What? Who? Me?


It’s about to get really raw…. Continue reading I Might Be A Cynic…

Truth in Fiction

So, an interesting conversation yesterday morning with my cousin. While reading one of my fiction stories that I posted over at Luniacal Ramblings, he stops and asks me whether something one of my characters in the story did was something I do. Most specifically, he was asking about my story A Place Once Called Home and whether or not we had meatloaf Wednesday’s in my house growing up.

I told him that it was fiction and not something based on my life. At which point, as most conversations with him often do, it boiled down to him proving his point. (If you know who I am talking about, you know how true that statement is, but… we still love him, no matter how angry he gets). Continue reading Truth in Fiction

Truth Tactics

My children… the two that are biologically claimable by me… hate that I have this innate ability to get the truth out of them. Oh, sure, they will tell you that I am not always right or that they have been able to lie to me, but just remember, that is from their perspective. From mine, it tends to be more the matter of whether or not I allow them to know that I know, or I feign ignorance to lull them into a false sense of security just to see how far they will go.


I have developed several tactics over the course of my parentage to them and I feel ok sharing this with you because they are both over 18 at this point and, well, they have gotten to the point where their need to lie to me is only outweighed by their realization that it is only detrimental to them in the long run, because, honestly, I’m going to find out anyway. Continue reading Truth Tactics


Just reading a few things today, and something came to mind.. an acronym for truth that might have something more to it.


For truth to be effective, it has to exhibit all those points. I am sure there are more, but I like how that sums up.