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It’s Hot…

It’s going to hit 93 degrees here today. At least that is what one weather report says. Another says 91. I’m not really sure what those 2 degrees really matter in the grand scheme of “HOLY SMOKE IT’S HOT!” but…

The sad part is, we aren’t even into summer yet. I don’t think we are. Are we? No seriously, I live in Florida, it’s like summer here all year long except for those two days in January where it dips into the 50’s and the entire state freaks out in one unanimous voice on social media about how this is Florida and it shouldn’t be this cold.

Hold on a sec, I’m going to enjoy that really long sentence I just wrote, because I can totally see me doing a video to that tirade.

Ok, fantasy over.

Back to the writing.

Anyway, with the heat steadily rising (or steadily staying in the 90’s) over the last few days (and the foreseeable future), it makes me long for the third week in October. Weirdly specific, right? But in the years I have been here in Florida (which is all of them), the third week in October has, in my recollection, always cooled down. It usually drops into the 60’s, a cool wind blows, and at night you actually get to break out a sweater (or in my case, a Member’s Only jacket I have from the 80’s).


Yeah, I rock that bad boy.

Ok, fine, I don’t. But I would if I had one. Seriously.

But only on the third week of October, when the weather cools for a few days.

In Florida.

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Turn, Turn, Turn."