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I had an E-poop-phany.

Life is like water.

The water in a flushed toilet bowl.

Swirling around and around.

Drawing us in an ever downward spiral.

Toward the inevitable end.


Kind of depressing when you realize the accuracy of the analogy.

Hey… don’t blame me, it’s just the weird thoughts that I have rambling in my head.

Embracing the Weird


I take great pride in being called weird.

And before my family decides to make this their new chant in the office, let me just frame that statement with the following explanation (granted, I doubt they even read this far after reading the first line).

I have a different outlook on a lot of things. It’s not drastically different, but definitely just left of normal. I sometimes see the odd in things that others don’t, my sense of humor is rye (pumpernickel is just nasty), and I have an affinity toward things that most adults constitute as childish (I still tap people on the opposite shoulder while walking by, I make weird awkward jokes in serious moments, and I yell out “Marco!” in places like Wal-Mart, Sam’s or the mall).

On top of all that, I tend to hang out with teenagers and young adults, and some would say that I talk and act like them. It’s not something I do to be part of who they are, but more about how integrated I have made myself into their world. I use the words ‘swag’, ‘dorbs’, ‘perts’ and ‘totes McGoats’ (seriously, that’s just fun to say), much to the chagrin of my daughter who looks at me with dead seriousness in her eyes and says…”Dad! Just stop.” Add to that the fact that I have always been a comic book, superhero and cartoon kind of guy, I love my video games, and I enjoy the really nerdy things in life.. and I was like this back in the 80’s… before they were cool (but parachute pants and mullets were? Really? You want to judge me??)

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