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There are many things that I am exceptionally good at. See, the truth is.. I just don’t fail. Yes, I’m that good.

Now, the question you have to really ask (not the one you currently have ringing around in your head about how arrogant I think I am) is “What makes you that good?”

It’s simple.

I refuse to partake in something I know I am going to fail at…

Ala, my playing chess against my wife.

Nope, I refuse to play her. I lose every time. I’m too Continue reading Winning…


Putting One in the “W” Column

There are days we all just need a win. One to put up in the “W” column, so that we feel like we have actually accomplished something. I tend to have a lot of days where that just doesn’t happen. I’m not sure if it’s because my “W” column is too difficult, I feel defeated most days, I focus too much on the negative, or if I just don’t have what a clearly defined definition for what a win is.

(Ok, I really hated typing that last one)

So, in an effort to define ‘winning’, here we go…

I think the prospect of winning is grand. I also think that the summation of our lives is the total aspect at which we should measure it. That being said, obviously, we can not truly know whether or not we arrived at it. The why is simple. We will be dead, and in that is it really our’s to figure out whether we are successful.

At that point, I think the default should be in the eyes of those closest to us: our spouse; our children; those we call family (even though technically they aren’t blood related). So I beg the question, why shouldn’t we put that definition into their hands now? Wouldn’t that relieve us of the fallibility of our own personal criticism? In essence, allowing us to live life the way it should be lived, for others. Continue reading Putting One in the “W” Column