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I know I have been an absentee blogger as of recent. Summer semester has me a bit tied down (and not in the good way) with a lot of writing and reading, and the subject matter leaves me pretty drained (who knew Pop Culture and Literature would be so heavily Marxist...ugh... ) so I really don't feel like writing for myself let alone play video games (yeah, that part right there is the real test...)


June 10th, 2016.

Yesterday marked two anniversaries. One that I am shocked has come and gone and the other that I am just shocked.

Yesterday. Continue reading Yesterday…


Looking For WordPress Advice….

I have had the thought in the past to take my fiction page and convert it to its own domain name, thereby giving me the ability to monetize it and earn some paltry (almost spelled it poultry.. but not much difference either way) income from my writings. Curious, has anyone else done this and what are the pros and cons to such an endeavour?

Also, any hints, tips or tricks to the process would be greatly appreciated.


Ok, I’m not sure what I did. Maybe you have done it too… I hope you haven’t.. however..

I happen to be writing both the blogs that I have posted today (not including this one of course), open in separate windows at the same time (using the new interface, just in case you were wondering). So, I posted the first one a while ago, and as life tends to go, got busy before I got back to finishing up my next one.

So, this is where it gets messy. Continue reading Seriously??