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Who Woulda Thunk…

I have a 1500 word creative non-fiction story I have to write for my college course that is due on Monday. I’m sitting here, in Panera’s, staring at my screen and the blinking cursor, typing nonsense into Scrivener that I absolutely hate.

I have put over 600 words down and I still can’t figure out where I want to go with this. It’s driving me insane. On any normal day, I would be able to crank out something… anything… that would be at least semi-workable.

But not today. Nope.

This assignment has me so locked up I’m even struggling to write this. Go figure, me at a loss for words.

Who woulda thunk…

Stuck.. again.

The feeling of stuck has somehow absorbed me recently. I look at the screen, type a few words, read what I typed then delete it. This has gone on for at least 4 days now. It’s different than when I am just not happy with what I write. This is something where I just can’t seem to put together my thoughts. The mumble jumble of my brain crying out in fifteen different directions.

Sure, the topics help to at least point me in a direction (granted, as of late, the daily post topics have not really been my forte), but as I start to write, something happens. Maybe its the distracted life I live. Always having to go do this or that. Not having the time to really just shut the world out and concentrate on something for a length of time. Continue reading Stuck.. again.

Blank page

It happens more frequently than I probably think (or for that matter, care to admit), but the blank page scares the living daylights out of me (why are all daylights ‘living’? Are there dead daylights?). Having something in my head that I think is so prolific and profound to write about that just gets stuck right there, in my head, trapped.

And the blank page mocks.


The blinking cursor taunting me, daring me to write something, anything, just to fill the space. It silently laughs at me, I know it does. (ok, maybe I’m a bit crazy, but… seriously, listen next time, you can hear it, with every blink, that cacophony of cackling… or.. not.. but, whatever). Continue reading Blank page