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What Hope…

Awesome! This story got picked as an editor’s choice over at yeahwrite.me‘s weekly fiction/poetry contest. Woot!

A Flash of Fiction...

You never realize how far something is until you reach for it. It’s in that moment that you realize that the things out of reach are much further then they appear. So it was when Bartley looked into the night sky, his hand outstretched toward the heavens.

“I’ll grasp it for you.” He said to Mary.

“You can’t. It’s too far.” Her voice was filled with laughter.

“Then, I’ll go up and bring it back.” He turned to face her, her smile spreading to her eyes as she looked back at him.

“Always the dreamer Bartley. Always the dreamer.”

The memory flickered on the vid screen, lines causing the image to scatter.

“That’s all there is sir.” A robot with the face of a pretty young woman said as she looked up from her console.

“Andromeda, can we retrieve anymore?” The man she was speaking to, Admiral John Hurtly, looked down…

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Silver Linings…

Yesterday was a pretty banner day over on my fiction blog, R. Todd Writes. Mind you, it wasn’t the best day I have ever had (it topped at 30 visitors, my best being 32), but one that got me pretty excited. In light of a lot of personal (internal) stuff going on with me recently, I will grab onto whatever I can.

Next, falling into the ‘unofficial category’… my micro-fiction Play Date…took (unofficially) crowd favorite (unofficially) over at Yeah Write (I only know that because I peeked and it looked like it was in first.. but, I won’t get too excited until the official results are in later today). Considering the criteria and the doggedness of the editor who oversees that section, I’m pretty stoked. On more than one occasion, my submission has been rejected for voting for violation of the stringent policy they have in place, and for as much as I would like to say it annoys me (it does), I keep coming back week after week just to prove to them that I can do this (or myself… probably more myself). It’s either that, or I’m a bit of a masochist (mayhaps). Continue reading Silver Linings…

Maxwell House

“Oberon, are you listening?” Lieutenant Stratta’s voice cut across the static of his thoughts. He looked over at her.

“What?” He said as he blinked his eyes several times.

“I said, are you ready?” Her voice carried a weight of impatience to it and he was sure she had an annoyed look on her face, but couldn’t see her face behind the mirrored visor of her helmet.

He flexed his armored fingers on the grip of his rifle. “Yeah, sorry… just lost in thought.” He was glad she couldn’t see his face behind his own helmet, but was concerned that his voice would give away his uncertainty. The yearning inside of him to be done with this life was a preoccupation he had tried hard to overcome as the end of his enlistment drew near. Continue reading Maxwell House

Here comes the rain again…


I watched as the clouds rolled up the sky, turning from a soft blue to angry grey. Sparks and flashes danced across them like some epic Greek mythological war that was waging just beyond the veil. The late day air began to cool, ushering in a welcome relief to the mid-afternoon sweltering that had abolished any hope of enjoying the day.

I knew that the with the arrival of the cooler air the rain would not be far off, and with the tempest that was brewing, the deluge was going to be fierce. I hunkered down on my front porch, waiting for it to begin, wondering to myself if the shelter would be enough to fend off the onslaught.

Then I saw it. The deep grey sheet that went from cloud to ground. It looked as if the sky had unfurled a bedspread and let loose its curtain to trail the earth. It moved toward me as I leaned on the banister and I could see from the fury of the downpour that I was in for another spectacular evening of summer storms. Continue reading Here comes the rain again…