22 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. Todd, on your guest blog post, we got this question:

    “I’ve been trying this and it works really well so far. Only thing is when it auto posts it only shares it on google+ privately rather than publicly. How can I make it autopost to public?”

    Any ideas?

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    1. Dan, I am looking into it. However, at the moment, the only way I know of making it public is by posting something and making it public, thereby changing your posting option in Google+. And I’d love to tell you that works, however…


  2. It must be a real blessing to have a family so good-lookin’ you don’t need Photoshop*. Frees up all your time on the internet to search for New Yorker cartoons and cocktail recipes.

    *All except that one shot with the glasses and the flat top and the moustache. You looked like a rookie police officer moonlighting as a porn star. Don’t do that again.

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      1. You never know. One day you could be walking down the street, minding your own business, and a gang of lumbersexuals could surround you, hold you down, and force you to submit to pretty hair, flannel, and a beard thick enough to hide small animals in. Fashion evolves with all the subtlety of a wildebeest stampede.

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