Are you willing…

God has called you. He prepared a way for you to come to Him. He is running down the road toward you.

Will you desperately pursue Him? Will you abandon all else to run to Him? Will you embrace the call that is drawing you home into His open arms?

The work of the cross behind us, the throne of God before us, will you heed the voice of God in your life, regardless of where it might lead you?

He did not call you to safety, security, comfort levels, or peace the way the world would understand these things.

He has called you out of darkness, He has called you out of death.

He has called you to war. He has called you to live dangerously. He has called you to action.

Wake up. Hear where He would have you go. Hear what He would have you do.

Step up, step out. Go!

And then, when you step across the door of eternity and stare the creator in the eyes you can hear these words that He will say to you…

“Well done. Enter into your rest.”


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