Obedience is better then…

Obedience is better then…



Is all sacrifice obedience?

We Christian’s like to throw out that verse a lot.. Obedience is better then sacrifice.. but what does it mean? Is it a reference to that fact that if I disobey that a sacrifice is required? That my obedience is better then the death of Christ on the cross? That if we only would have obeyed, God would have been happier with that then watching His son die for our disobedience?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

However, in the last few days, I started looking at this verse with a different view point… what if the phrase.. “obedience is better then sacrifice” is more to the point of.. obedience is going to require sacrifice, and to sacrifice something obediently is much better then just sacrificing something. So it boils down to the intent and attitude of the heart…

So, are you sacrificing something just to not do it, or are you doing it out of obedience to what God says?


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