I am the Avenger’s: Conclusion

So, last week was an entertaining introspective, taking a look at the Avenger’s and seeing myself in all of them. However, in doing that, I noticed two things. One, all these people and there characteristics were just just that, characteristics. Disjointed facets of my life, brief glimpses into the some of the traits that make me who I am. And the very next thought was that there seemed to be missing that one thing that joined them all together, and then I realized what was missing…Coulson.

Phil Coulson.

Arguably, the First Avenger. The one that recruited the team, that brought them together, that gave them a purpose and gave them a reason to band together. Basically, the Heart behind the team.

When I look at my life, I see all those characteristics; the dutiful mindset of Captain America; the protective nature of Thor; the whimsical man-child known as Iron Man; the quiet observation of Hawkeye; the interrogative skills of Black Widow; the raw anger of the Hulk.

And there, in the center of it all is my ‘Coulson’, threading those things together. Keeping in check my anger with a sense of duty, funneling it into my protector nature, using my observational skills and information gathering abilities to try to help others, and keeping me from slipping into the my gadget laced solitude.

So basically, if I were to sum up the characteristic of Coulson, it would be Attitude.. because, a good attitude can bring all of the other characteristics into play in a positive manner, and a bad attitude just.. well, a bad attitude just doesn’t end well for anyone. Because the most powerful weapon anyone has control of is their attitude.

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