21 of 25…

Ok, so here is a glimpse inside of what a conversation between her and I actually look like.

From This Morning

Me: I can’t believe we have been married for almost 25 years.

Her: Oh, really? (she says with a sideways look)

Me: Not that it feels that long..

Her: Uh huh?

Me: I mean… 25 years. When did we… er, I.. when did I get so old?

Her: You’re just upset we aren’t Ariel and Eric anymore and are more like the couple from “Up”.

Me: You know, the wife died first in that movie, right?

Her: /shrugs


That right there

That’s why I love her.

And yes, we actually do relate our lives to Disney.

And the Princess Bride.

Always the Princess Bride.


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