The Backpack has it

Not Dora's
This is my Backpack

There are many things in this world that are more recognizable then my backpack.

I mean, if you, the average passer-by, would see my backpack just sitting around, you wouldn’t think anything more of it then.. well, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t think about it at all.

But in my circle of friends, my backpack has a life of it’s own. Everyone knows it. Dare I say, they respect it too. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch…

But anyway.. when people see my backpack, they know I am not too far away. My wife call’s it my ‘Go Bag’ as it has everything I need for the day in it. Charging cables, chargers, USB drives, notebooks, pens and pencils, Lifesavers, iPod, iPad, small first aid kit, Tylenol… and.. um.. I’m sure there are other things I have hidden in that bag over the last two years that I totally forgot.. OH OH OH!! My Flipcam! (Yeah, haven’t used it in so long cause I use the video camera on my phone…. ). Sometimes I have my Ultimate Frisbee clothes in there, and sometimes I stick my bible in there.

****SIDE NOTE****

I have owned this backpack for over two years and I am still finding small pockets through out it that I had no idea were there. (were there, was there.. hrm…) 


I also keep my keys in there. On any given Sunday, I am asked for my keys no less then 10 times, and the bag becomes a good place to keep them, along with anything else that the youth ministry might need.

There is, however, one item I DO NOT have in my backpack.

A map

Look, its a map.
Look, its a map.

Because I’m not Dora.




3 thoughts on “The Backpack has it

  1. You were way more inspired by this Daily Prompt than I was. Way to go! “..anything that you might need, I got inside for you…” 😀


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