Ground Control to Major Tom…

I am a bit of a gadget aficionado. What can I say, I like my toys. As they say, you can make the boy grow old, you can not make him grow up.

My house looks ordinary on a good day. On a bad day, it looks like a house full of college students, more akin to a dorm room then a home. So much so, that recently, my wife and I (both going to college) have taken to calling ourselves RA’s.

But as you step into the house, you will see a curtain toward the back room, drawn closed in order to keep what’s behind it hidden.

Ok, fine, it’s to block the light that comes through the archway and glares on the tv… but I like my version better. Makes it more mysterious. (Cue spooky music)

…Ok, so back to it then…

Behind those 4 panel, tab top, creamBehind_curtain and blue country style curtains you won’t find the Wizard pulling levers, creating smoke and using technology to scare small children (however, a very apropos comparison). What you will find is a room that would astound even the most hardcore gadget and gizmo aficionado. In that hidden away room that my wife has dubbed “Ground Control”, is a mixture of game consoles, PC’s, and Mac products. I would go into detail as to what the inventory of this room holds, but there are two problems.

One, I have collected so much stuff over the years I really don’t remember everything I have in there. Secondly, this blog would end up being entirely too long, because, seriously, I have a lot of stuff in there.

Ok, it doesn't look like this.. but it's getting there.
Ok, it doesn’t look like this.. but it’s getting there.

Sometimes I wonder if I have way too many gizmos and gadgets (a plenty), or whosit’s and whatsit’s (galore), cause I totally have thing-a-ma-bob’s (about 20), but then I think, that’s no big deal… cause I want more. (20 points if you get the reference)

On a more somber note, there are many a night you will catch me back in my room, monitor’s glowing (off my pale skin), a headset on my head, a controller in my hand as I play on my Xbox (take your pick, 360 or One) and have a webpage up on one of my computers and another game playing on the other.

Ok.. so after typing that, maybe I have a problem.


Maybe I don’t.

But, if you need me, you will probably find me trying to launch the next space shuttle from Ground Control.

(No, seriously, there is a game called Kerbal Space Program, you can totally do that.)



6 thoughts on “Ground Control to Major Tom…

  1. Your control room sounds very much like my dude’s nerd cave. He has every game council known to man (and a few extras) not to mention every game that came with them – and some duplicates just in case.

    Not to mention the bluRay player, the DVD player, the Laser Disc player, and whatever those other things are over there in the corner. I think he even has a record player in there somewhere. Not to mention the movies/CD/record to play on them.

    He also has a lot of books/comics, and toys.

    AND! That’s after we sold half of his stuff because we couldn’t afford to ship it to WA with us.

    Nuthin’ wrong with loving gadgets – you, the hubs, and the Little Mermaid can keep your collections, so long as you keep them in your rooms and don’t take over the house.

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      1. I had four kids when that movie came out. I’d lose mom points if I didn’t get that reference. Now, I just have to get the song out of my head. Thanks for the earworm. 😛

        The hubs is definitely a nerd’s nerd. ^_^ And we’re both totally cool with that.

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  2. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a
    few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why
    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two
    different browsers and both show the same outcome.

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