Alone in a Crowd…

Pretty stoked. Won 3rd place with this little piece.

A Flash of Fiction...

She sat on a couch in the crowded room, her eyes glued to her phone. The glow from the screen reflected off of her thick rimmed glasses and her blonde hair dangled down the sides of her face. She thumbed through the countless interactions of her ‘friends’ on Facebook, reading about their exciting lives, liking photos of groups of them together. They were all smiling, having such a grand time. Outwardly, she smiled, inwardly, she fought the volcanic feelings rising inside of her.

Two boys walked past her, and as she peeked up for a brief second, she heard them reminiscing about their latest conquests of military might in a new video game. Their conversation carried them past her without a glance toward her. With that, she returned to her screen before they noticed her eavesdropping.

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6 thoughts on “Alone in a Crowd…

        1. Honestly… there are times I read the stuff that won and I am dumbfounded as to why. It’s not that my piece was better (ok, I totally think it was), it’s just that I don’t really get why. It’s not a stellar piece, it’s trite or trivial, and at best it might have a sense of mystery because it doesn’t make sense. Mind you, I did say sometimes. There are others where I totally see why they won. /boggle

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