Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day is upon us… again. And for all my “Forever-Alone’s*” out there, this one is for you. John Kovalic (I let you figure out how to pronounce that one) nails it on the head with this one.

Happy Super Wuv Twue Wuv Happy Hour


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*Forever-Alone: a term I first heard from my daughter in which a person seems to never have a significant other in their life (dog’s and cat’s do not count (but too many cat’s is a sure sign)).



12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day…

  1. Here;s my $.05 (since we gave up the penny in Canada, we have to round up or down and even though your $.02 would make it a $0.00, I will make it a round nickel) This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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  2. The hubs loves Dork Tower. He won a “guest appearance” on the strip back when (I think it was in 2002, long before we met and before I’d ever heard of it), and the image of him from that strip is on my hubby’s website (

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        1. He does do a lot of charity work. I don’t recall what it’s called, but he rides a bike while wearing a duck on his head to raise money for something. (I know, I’m horrible, I should know this stuff… )


        2. Alright, I’m not afraid to admit this, but you married a keeper. Gamer and programer??? Come on, that’s like the trifecta… well, minus one, but I’m sure you can come up with something to make it three.

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