My Two…

I have some pretty talented children. I don’t say it enough. Maybe I do. Maybe it just isn’t loud enough for them to hear. Both of them play musical instruments. Pretty well from what I can tell. I’m not musical, so.. my judgement is heavily biased with the “look at my kid” factor..

They’re not bad-looking either. Ok, that one was totally me (fine.. fine.. mom had a lot to do with that too… )

But.. somewhere along the line.. they both developed an interesting eye for photography. Just the other day, my son happened to be at the House of Blues in Orlando at a concert, took a photo on Instagram (with his phone I believe), and it ended up being used by HOB on their Instagram post. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself (which I did).

Seriously.. how cool is that?

Here’s a photo he took a while back of him and his wife (who is pretty hard-core into taking photos too). Not a bad-looking couple… BnK

Then yesterday, my daughter posted a bunch of photos she took. I’m not sure exactly when, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the moments that she captured of some of our local wildlife here in Florida. I’ll let the photos of the sandhill cranes speak for themselves.

Yeah.. my kids might not have been honor students (maybe they were..I just don’t remember), maybe they never went to Harvard (but, there’s still time), and maybe they aren’t rich and famous (yet)… but I think I’ll keep them.

Granted, one day I am going to go live with one of them.. so I have to say that…

I guess.


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