What Hope…

Awesome! This story got picked as an editor’s choice over at yeahwrite.me‘s weekly fiction/poetry contest. Woot!

A Flash of Fiction...

You never realize how far something is until you reach for it. It’s in that moment that you realize that the things out of reach are much further then they appear. So it was when Bartley looked into the night sky, his hand outstretched toward the heavens.

“I’ll grasp it for you.” He said to Mary.

“You can’t. It’s too far.” Her voice was filled with laughter.

“Then, I’ll go up and bring it back.” He turned to face her, her smile spreading to her eyes as she looked back at him.

“Always the dreamer Bartley. Always the dreamer.”

The memory flickered on the vid screen, lines causing the image to scatter.

“That’s all there is sir.” A robot with the face of a pretty young woman said as she looked up from her console.

“Andromeda, can we retrieve anymore?” The man she was speaking to, Admiral John Hurtly, looked down…

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